Jimmy Toney, Pastor

For the past 35 years God has blessed, multiplied and increased our church under the guidance of our first family, Pastor and Sister Jeffrey Arnold.

The Pentecostals of Gainesville are delighted to announce that on April 2, 2017 we elected Rev. Jimmy Toney as our pastor. We are excited about what God has in store for us through his ministry, along with the continued leadership of Rev. Jeffrey Arnold.

J.W. Arnold

J.W. Arnold has served in the ministry for about 46 years, for 35 of those years he has pastored in Gainesville, Florida. Before coming to Gainesville he traveled extensively as an evangelist. Many of his teachings have been transcribed into book form and are now sold worldwide, some being used as Bible College textbooks. He currently has a total of 17 books in print. Audio and video recordings are also in constant demand.

He is a highly sought after conference and camp meeting speaker and still keeps a busy schedule of travel throughout the states and into foreign countries. He has an intense love for God and hunger for the supernatural. His ministry is anointed, dynamic and filled with great insights.

J.W. Arnold, D.D.

J.W. Arnold has received an academic honorary Doctor Of Divinity degree from The Logos Christian College & Graduate School of Jacksonville, FL. Bro. Arnold has dedicated the last 40 years to the study Of God's Word and serving God's Kingdom.

Dr. Charles Travis, president of Logos, presented the diploma to Rev. Arnold, who was dressed in the traditional cap and gown for the degree of Doctorate Of Divinity. Assisting him was church Staff Coordinator Scott Mulholland assisted in the robing of Dr. Arnold with the appropriate scarlet colored hood as part of the ceremony.

Experience the Message

J.W. Arnold is one of the most inspiring apostolic preachers you will ever hear. His straight-forward, powerfully anointed, and sometimes humorous messages have a way of "reaching home."

Many of J.W. Arnold's sermons and teaching series have been published in book form. Our Media Ministry offers over 2200 sermons by Rev. J. W. Arnold as well as other guest speakers available on Audio Cassette, Audio CD, VHS, and DVD+R. For details see the Media Catalog.

In the Beginning

J.W. Arnold was born in Brooklyn, NY in 1944. After receiving the Holy Ghost in 1968, he became a Sunday school teacher and Youth Leader at the Pentecostal Church pastored by Bro. & Sis. Swinford in Hollywood, FL. He began his ministry doing Sunday school work with puppets and magic and conducting Kid's Krusades. He then evangelized full time for eight years before becoming pastor in Gainesville, Florida in 1981. In July 2006 he, his family, and his church celebrated his 25th pastoral anniversary with special services in Gainesville, Florida.