Click Give Online and choose the I-75 Tragedy fund to donate to the families. Thank you!

I-75 Accident

We have set up a fund for the families of the I-75 accident. The accident occurred on January 3rd near mile marker 393. Funds will be used to give direct support to the families of Avoyelles House of Mercy UPC and other families directly effected by this tragedy. Please continue to be in prayer for the victims and their loved ones as they walk through a valley that none of us would choose.

Click the Give Online button and choose the I-75 Tragedy Fund.

U.S. Senator Bill Cassidy, M.D. (R-LA) spoke in memory of the children, on the Senate floor, January 8th.

Reaching People

The Pentecostals are active supporters of missionaries nationally and globally. We are also committed to reaching our city and county for Jesus Christ. Through tithes and offerings, we are blessed to be a blessing!